Welcome to QC Inner Circle

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Why QC Inner Circle?

We bring together Queer women, nonbinary/AFAB and trans folks navigating the dating and relationships scene to engage in empowering coaching sessions, so that we can build unshakeable confidence, nurture our emotional well-being, and create strong, healthy partnerships.

The Transformative Outcomes Awaiting You

Welcome to the QC Inner Circle, a sanctuary of transformative change that's not just a community—it's your new home for self-empowerment. Tailored for queer, nonbinary, and trans folks, we go the extra mile to tackle the unique challenges you face.

As a cherished member of the QC Inner Circle, you'll unlock:

  • Elevate Your Confidence: Immerse yourself in empowering coaching sessions that are laser-focused on the unique experiences and challenges of being queer.
  • Break Free from People-Pleasing: Master the art of setting boundaries and reclaiming your space, so you can be unapologetically you. No more bending over backward to please others at your own expense.
  • Forge Real Connections: Mingle with a vibrant community of souls who get you, because they're journeying through the same dating labyrinth you are.
  • Level Up Your Love Game: Dive deep into shared wisdom and collective experiences that nurture healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

When You Join Today

When you join QC Inner Circle today, you’ll get access to our:

  • Participate in Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions: Attend the bi-weekly online interactive coaching sessions led by our experienced guides. These video sessions will equip you with the vital tools you need for navigating the dating scene and will help you build meaningful relationships.
  • Join a Hangout Session: Engage with the other members of the community during our regular online hangout sessions via chat. Here, you can share experiences, discuss tricky situations, and learn from the collective wisdom of similarly situated individuals.
  • Attend our Exclusive Events/Workshops: We host engaging themed events. These events provide a relaxed and supportive environment where you can put your newly learned skills into practice, engage with our coaches, and establish deep connections with community members.